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For our one-day workshops, we create and build a special teaching / learning experience for intermediate to advanced players and performers.  Most of our workshops are designed to improve the playing and performing skills of guitarist singers, but explore the details below to find the one that suits you best.  Numbers are limited on each workshop to allow the best learning experience in an encouraging and supportive environment.  All of our tutors are skilled musicians and teachers within their own field.

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ACOUSTIC GUITAR WORKSHOP with Brooks Williams and Vera Van Heeringen 

Saturday 13th September 2025


Brooks Williams and Vera Van Heeringen are leading an Acoustic Guitar workshop for us. An extremely rare opportunity to learn from not one, but two, of the finest exponents of the art of playing Acoustic Guitar. Come and be inspired and, perhaps, pushed a little in your own playing.  The day will begin with coffee at 9.30am before the teaching starts at 10.00am, through to 1.00pm, with a break part-way for refreshments. Lunch will be provided before the afternoon session starts at 2.00pm through to 5.00pm, again with a refreshment break halfway through.

Vera will be looking at flatpicking and cross-picking techniques, playing mostly American guitar and fiddle tunes. She will teach a couple of tunes. With an emphasis on confidence and strength in lead playing, she’ll be exploring how to put the groove into tunes with rhythmic melodies. She takes an inclusive approach with a view to inspire in a laid back and enjoyable way, whilst keeping a sharp eye on adopting good technique and habits, like playing simply and cleanly, with great tone.


Brooks will look at three or four roots-acoustic-Americana inspired songs. He’ll will teach how to ‘Brooks-ify’ the arrangement by adding bits of melody, moving chords and groove. The focus will be on ways to serve the songs and determine how the lyrics can inspire not only what to play but where to play it. We’ll try some new techniques in fun and safe environment that will hopefully kickstart ideas for the player to try to use in their own songs.

Spaces are limited to ensure that every participant has the best opportunity to benefit from the teaching.

Places on the course are £80, available from 

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