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For our one-day workshops, we create and build a special teaching / learning experience for intermediate to advanced players and performers.  Most of our workshops are designed to improve the playing and performing skills of guitarist singers, but explore the details below to find the one that suits you best.  Numbers are limited on each workshop to allow the best learning experience in an encouraging and supportive environment.  All of our tutors are skilled musicians and teachers within their own field.

We are developing the range of workshops that we offer, please see below for current workshop availability.

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Sat. 23rd March 2024 2.00pm to 5.00pm

The workshop is suitable for community groups of all ages and is designed to teach a little history of shanties as well as having fun and singing along with some.

  • The workshop will usually include a variety of activities including: Illustrated talk on the history of the sea shanty

  • Discussion on some of the relevant maritime language used on ships, and often used as part of the song lyrics

  • Investigation into writing modern shanties with a historic narrative, using one of Stuart’s own songs as an example

  • Analysis of different types of shanties with sung examples.

  • Group singing of classic shanties


The aim is to maximise involvement so that everyone can engage with the nature of the shanty ethos - singing together as a group. The session will be split into two parts.


The first part led by Stuart and other members of "Isle 'Ave A Shanty".  Stuart is a recently retired school teacher with 35 years’ experience of working with groups of all ages. He also sings regularly in care homes with his one man show. However, Stuart is also a founder member of the Cambridgeshire based band Isle ‘Ave a Shanty who have played many gigs and festivals and have recently released their first album - Swinging the Lamp. He is also presenter of The Folk Club radio show, which broadcasts online around the world, where he is able to support artists and share his love of folk music.


The second part will be led by Julie Holland, a local musician and choir leader, who will take the group through some of the shanties that will be performed in the evening concert by "Isle 'Ave A Shanty", so that those participating on the workshop can sing along  - see our concert page for details and tickets.

This workshop will be limited to around 20 people, to ensure that the group is not too large and to prevent folk "feeling lost" in a large group.


Workshop tickets are £10 in advance



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